Essential Oils

top5The term “member” sounds very official doesn’t it?  Don’t be skeeerrrred.  To become a member of Young Living all it takes is the purchase of a Starter Kit.

And I recommend the Premium Starter Kit for $160 (with the Dewdrop diffuser)… more on that later.  I could spend a good hour telling you all about the many benefits of this Kit… just know this, I haven’t regretted the investment once!

So, may I outline for you what I think are the Top 5 reasons for buying  Premium Starter Kit!!!

  1.  Buying a Starter Kit makes you a “wholesale member”.
  2.  When you’re a wholesale member you get to buy the oils/products for 24% off retail price.
  3. You get a chance to see how these essential oils work for yourself.
  4. When you buy the Premium Starter Kit you will have a diffuser to use your 11 essential oils in (and some samples to travel with / share with your friends).
  5. When you enroll through me, and want to pursue this as a business, you can be a part of the extraordinary Lemon Dropper Team!  (This enrollment gives you access to a multitude of suh-weeet marketing materials, a number of Facebook groups where we share testimonies and information on essential oils and so much more!!!)


And that’s just the beginning of the benefits to all this official-sounding stuff.


Really, this means that you have embraced your own health and wellness in a way that you will not regret…


So, let’s dive in… here’s the details…

What comes in the Premium Starter Kit looks like…

When you receive your shipment you’ll open the box and find a collection of 10 Everyday Oils, a Welcome guide, a Seed to Seal booklet, oil samples, Ningxia Red samples, 5 milliliter bottle of Stress Away, roller ball topper and Home Diffuser.  All for $150!!!   (Pieced together one item at a time I believe the value of these pieces is close to $300… BEFORE you add the diffuser in there.  Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.)

Premium Starter Kit
Premium Starter Kit

And INSIDE that Everyday Oils box you’ll find these little beauties!

2015 PSK v3.0



The oils included in this kit are truly the 10 you want to start with:  Thieves, Frankincense, Lemon, Lavender, DiGize, PanAway, Copaiab, R.C., Peppermint, and Purification.  Plus, as a bonus you’ll receive a bottle of Stress Away and a roller ball fitment.  Wow!!!

The oil bottles in the starter kit are each 5 milliliter, which each hold approximately 80-100 drops of oil.  As a reference point, for each application of oil you might use 1-5 drops.  So, these bottles will last a while.

More importantly, this is QUITE THE DEAL!!!  There’s no getting around it – 11 oils, sample packets, information AND the rockin’ diffuser?  (Real quick, we can still be friends if you decide to get the $40 kit… but you might just end up buying the diffuser later anyway.  So… as a TRUE FRIEND, who loves you and wants the best for you, I’m recommending the $160 kit.  You can thank me later…)  ::: wink :::

So what are you waiting for?  (OK – you’re probably waiting on me at this point!)  Here’s the link you’ve been waiting for.

Follow this through and take it step by step…

A few notes about the sign-up page…

1) If you’ve clicked on the link above then you should be looking at a screen similar to the 2 below images.   Ensure that the areas highlighted with arrows reflect what’s in the images below.




2) Complete the fields for your personal information.



3) Finally, create a unique Username / Password / Pin.  Make sure to write it down somewhere safe!

You might wonder why Young Living is asking for your SS#.  Well, it’s a federal regulation.  As Young Living as a network marketing company, it is a tax requirement.  However, if you’re not into doing this for a business your SS# will never be used.  Either way, it is safe and locked down.

And now it’s time for some “fine print”.  Take a minute and read up on the Terms & Conditions and then complete the email information.  You’ll want to hear from Young Living and receive announcements about new products, promotional specials, etc.

4) It’s time to choose your Starter Kit… again, I would recommend the “Premium Starter Kit with Dewdrop diffuser ($160)”


5) This is optional – Essential Rewards.

In fact, the Lemon Droppers really wish this step wasn’t included in the sign-up process because it can be confusing.  There is NO NEED to sign up for Essential Rewards at this point unless you either intend to A) Work the business end, or B) Already love the oils so much and you understand the benefits.

You can select “Enrollment Checkout” and move on to the next page.


So, there you have it… once you are “in”, the website will lead you through a shopping cart type of experience where you will enter your payment and make it official.  You’ll walk through a couple payment screens until you see across the top of the page “Thank you for your order”.

(If at any time you receive a blank screen something may have gone wrong with the website.  Please feel free to contact me with questions and I can look into what may have occurred and what you might to do to complete your membership enrollment / order.  My phone is 619.889.6268, email “”.)

Once you’ve finalized your order you should receive an email confirmation … and that will typically be followed with contact from me, welcoming you to the big ol’ oily family!

We’re happy to have you… and I look forward to saying to you “Welcome to the Team!”



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