Monkey muffins with the kids…

Last weekend, I visited an old friend. I take that back, she’s not old – she’s the same age as me (ahem!)… but we have been friends for over 20 years!

I had some help making one of my favorite breakfast treats: My favorite sous chef. Hadley just loves “ciMM-a-mon-non”!!!

And once they finished baking… we ate them! Look at the wide-eyes and the licking of the fingers…

But first, Declan… I think he had at least 3 of these! Oh …

And Camden? He wanted so badly to eat the whole thing…

But for the life of me… this is all I could get out of Hayden. (She reminds me a little of me… I really don’t like it when the camera is pointing in my direction!)

But Hadley on the other hand… she loves the camera! Just as much as she loves “ciMM-a-mon-non”.

Again, Hadley, THANK YOU for being my sous chef… I hope you have many years of fun in the kitchen, I hope you learn a lot, and I hope you don’t get sick from eating all of those monkey muffins!

Now, it’s my turn…

And for the recipe? Monkey Muffins, thank you (once again) Pioneer Woman!!!

enjoy your time in the kitchen…


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