Dress it up… it’s easy!

This was an idea I saw in a magazine last fall… so I broke out the adhesive and had fun with it…

Here’s the necessary supplies… glass candle holder with a flat bottom (no little “feet” on the bottom), adhesive, scissors, felt, decorative cardstock of any kind, circular template and something to draw with…

Step #1… trace your template onto the back of the cardstock.

Step #2 – but since my template wasn’t fit perfectly to size, I knew I had to cut just outside the traced line… so, start to cutting…

Step #3 – Use adhesive to attach the card stock to felt. I used glue.

Step #4 – Cut out your two layers of cardstock/felt. This is now ready to be attached to the underside of the candle holder! That’s how easy this is…

See how pretty?! How easy?! What a great gift this makes… too bad I didn’t finish any for Christmas presents! hmph…

Tip from Lori: next time I make this, I would try to use a thicker cardstock than just scrapbook paper. The glue made the paper warp a little… and while you can’t really tell (because it’s laying flat, and a candle will be on top of it… ) I would know. So, the next one I make will have a heftier cardstock. I’ll post pic when done…


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