Living room makeover… out with the old…

This is a picture of our lil’ living room BEFORE the popcorn was scraped off the ceiling, before we got a different couch / chair ensemble, before the re-arranging, before the introduction of new / fresh colors… Stay tuned… work in progress… more to come in a few weeks…

We may get it set up in the new arrangement and want to move it back to this configuration. But, we’ll see… so far I’ve painted two of the walls. See how the wall on the right is darker than the other walls? Well, we’re bringing it all back to one color. It’s the same color (Olympic’s “Camel”) that was used in the kitchen and the hallway and the bedroom.

Our plan is to simplify, de-clutter and refresh with an easy paint job. As of yesterday (4-11-09) the back wall (one w/ the art hanging on it) and the darker wall on the right are now painted. This next week we will be rearranging furniture so I can paint the other half of the room. Stay tuned…

Hubby works on the weekends… he’s happy he isn’t being recruited to paint. But moving that large entertainment center… with all those cords… ick! I’m glad he knows his technical stuff! Phew…


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