Oregon vacation

Well folks… we just returned from a long relaxing vacation. And while the last few days of it weren’t as fun as the first part (due to me getting sick and then watching the fire news)… it was well worth all the planning that went into it before hand! I highly recommend if you haven’t made a point to go on vacation in a while – do it! Invest in yourself…. and get out of town!

So, here’s some pics. The first week we spent at a timeshare w/ my parents, brother Loren and his wife Jody and their daughter Heaven, my grandparents and my Uncle Gary and his wife Jackie. And one night we were blessed to have a visit from some old friends (not in age, just in the amount of time we’ve known each other) stopped in for dinner, laughter and some pics – Rick, Nancy and Ryan Childers, SO GREAT to see you three!!!

For the remaining time of our vacation we went north to my parents house (in Salem, Or) and did nothing more than eat and relax…. well we did some driving around too. A quick shout out to all of the towns who at least hosted us for a Starbucks run or a stretch of the legs: Sisters, Redmond, Bend, Salem, Dallas, Portland, Halsey, Brownsville, Newberg, Beaverton, Canby, and Eugene.
So, here’s some pics of our adventures! Enjoy…

3 thoughts on “Oregon vacation

  1. – did anyone ever tell you you take some pretty good pictures? enjoyed seeing them again … AND had SO much fun with you guys here in beautiful Oregon!! Come see us again > SOON!

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