A Glimpse of Heaven (May ’07)

Well, I’m back from my R&R… and I’d love to show you what I got to experience. This is Heaven Gabriella Lauren Haraldsen! And she took right to me…. it’s almost as if, even though she’d never seen me before, that she knew she was supposed to love me and hug me and accept me for just who I was… Auntie Lori. Because the first time I held her she buried her head in my shoulder and hugged me back! (Ok maybe she was just tired – it WAS close to midnight!)

Oh! I couldn’t wait to introduce her to everyone! I wish I could have brought her home and let everyone give her their own hug. Because Heaven loves hugs and kisses! She is such a delight…. such a delight… giggling, laughing, full of wonderment and surprise and love… she is Heaven…

And like counting on the clock to tick – when she’s concentrating on something you can count on her little pudgy feet to start “going a mile a minute”… twirling and twirling…

Look at that smile! Can you tell she loves Auntie Lori (photographer extraordinaire)?! A photographer simply can’t tell a baby to smile (say “cheese”)… babies only smile at those who look funny!

And here is Heaven adorned in a dress and bonnet made by her Great Grandmother Helen Haraldsen!

Daddy – you’re so mean…

So may I introduce you to the newest member of the Haraldsen household… this is Heaven and her proud mommy and daddy – Jody and Loren.

Images captured in a quaint old town of McKinney, Texas …


2 thoughts on “A Glimpse of Heaven (May ’07)

  1. So Lori, where are the other pictures you took. I am sure there must be hundreds!!Thanks for sharing Heaven with all of us. She sure is a doll-baby!

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