Solemn Gratitude (May ’07)

This morning it is with solemn gratitude that I write. This past week a long-time family friend was on a steamboat cruise in Alaska – enjoying the nature that God so artfully planned out for us. And all I can think of is that our friend didn’t want to come back to stinky, smoggy, overly-packed Southern California – so when he took his last breath following a heart attack he joined God in an even more beautiful place. Because of his faith in our Lord Jesus Christ he will sit in God’s glory – which to our amazement is much more glorious than Glacier Bay. Dave “Joe” Powell – R.I.P.

And this morning on my walk from the parking garage into the office I was once again reminded of the importance of fulling living every day to it’s fullest. Our security guard had breathed his last breath in his truck during his night shift. The police officers and paramedics did all they could to revive him… but it was his time. This kind and gentle giant was an jolly ol’ fellow who should’ve been enjoying his retirement – and instead he was spending his nights in his truck patrolling a mostly empty parking garage. Francisco Metts – R.I.P.

One co-worker put it aptly when he said “This is why we work so hard so that we don’t have to be working at his age.”

Not to be insensitive and crass – but realistic to the point of the cycle of life. It is another reminder that life happens. Enjoy each day … leave a legacy… be grateful for the lives we lead.


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