Wasps and car accidents (Sept ’06)

No, not W.A.S.P.s… but wasps. The ones that everyone is scared of (ok – I guess some people could be scared of W.A.S.P.s too… but I digress). I’m not too happy with them this morning. Specifically the bright orange one that jumped right out and got me this morning! I went after my attacker and killed him… which made me feel better.

But it’s been well over two hours now… and this thing is starting to itch!

I’m not at all happy this morning… not to mention my usual 20 minute commute turned into a 1 hour and 20 minute commute due to an accident on the freeway.

So for those of you afraid that I got in a car accident after the wasp attacked… glad you stopped in for a read this morning…

OK – on to bigger and better…


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