This time – the rumors may ring true!

I just read an article in the San Diego Union Tribune that sets the record straight! Eric Clapton HAS been seen out and about in Escondido several times in the past 12 months! We heard through a waiter at IHOP that he stopped in one night for dinner – yeah right! We even asked each other – “What’s in Escondido that Eric Clapton would like to see?!”

Then my chiropractor shared a rumor he had heard – that Eric Clapton sent a thank you note to one of the schwanky restaurants on Grand Ave thanking them for the wonderful service and a chance to blend in to the crowd! And again, I thought to myself “Whatever, Eric Clapton wouldn’t take the time to write a thank you note!”

But this article proves me wrong…. at least the part about him being in Escondido. Whether or not he wrote a thank you note – I may never know.

Link to article:

Mr. Clapton – if you ever read this, THANK YOU! Just knowing you visited our city, and then named an album after it… wow! You must think highly of the city I’ve called home for over 2 decades now! Hope you feel comfortable enough to return someday! Please know… you’re always welcome to blend in…


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