In Love with Old Escondido (May ’06)

I affectionately call it “The ‘Hood”. It’s Old Escondido. Its charm and warmth and curiosities are plenty.

And I got quite the treat on Mother’s Day. I volunteered to be the resident photographer for an annual event that draws gawkers from near and far. 2006 was the 9th Annual Mother’s Day Home Tour – where 5 precious homes were featured. The house pictured to the right is known as the “Beach House”, built in 1896.

It’s one of the reasons I chose to live in Old Escondido. Over 10 years ago I worked at a financial planning office in The ‘Hood … and at lunch I’d walk the streets dreaming about living in many of the homes. However, my time at that job came to an end and I didn’t get to spend as much time dreaming of simpler times. Until I finally stumbled upon the opportunity to find my own home – I knew what neighborhood I wanted to buy in at least (if at all possible). And I did…. (no, it’s not the Beach House – but I love my humble home the same)… first chance I got – I bought!

This weekend I got the chance to walk into various scenes in history… this Queen Anne Victorian built in 1896, a Mediterranean Style bungalow (1926), a Dutch Colonial (1925) and two other homes built near the turn of the century which exude simplicity, an easier life, a time of quieter evenings with the family… and I got to capture 2006’s version of what those homes look like! Just for a moment… just a speck on the long timeline we know as eternity…

As a photographer (and a lover of history) – this is one of the highest honors. To preserve history and to show today’s developments as well. While life shows us that we are a product of our past, today shows us our possibilities!

I can’t wait to see more…


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