Recuperation! (Jan ’06)

Anyone who knows me (even for a short time) knows that I do not sit still very well. I am constantly running… constantly thinking about the next thing to accomplish, the next thing to get involved with, the next thing to mark off my “to do before I die” list, the next thing to volunteer for, etc. Some see me as the classic over-achiever trying to set world records for Guiness… but in all reality I just don’t believe in getting rusty.

To those worried about me living a full life – you’ll be relieved to know that I slowed down this week. This last week I SAT. I sat back in my pajamas and watched way too much TV and expected others’ to do things for me and FULLY ENJOYED every minute of it.

Actually – I couldn’t do much to change the circumstances! So I sat back and enjoyed my surroundings – I enjoyed every last “get well” card and flower bouquet and email message wishing me back on my feet.

Last Friday (Jan 20th) I had my gall bladder removed. This was my first time in surgery (I hate to break it to everyone – but having your wisdom teeth pulled isn’t much of a “surgery”… not like this anyway)… and hopefully I will not have to go through too many more surgeries. All went well – and I’m recuperating speedily. And I’m feeling extremely better today than I was yesterday. And hopefully tomorrow will bring even more of an improvement.

In the meantime I will continue to make the most of the circumstances and catch up on some reading, phone calls, visits with family and friends… such is the life! Now if I can just figure out a way to keep this many fresh flower bouquets in my house at all times…


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