Merry Christmas!!! (Dec ’05)

Can I just say how bummed out I am about being politically correct this time of year?! Maybe it’s just living in Southern California where we’re bombarded with everyone making a big deal about taking the word “Christmas” out of Christmas!!! Even Target is now selling only “Holiday Trees”. GIVE ME A FREAKIN’ BREAK!!!

If you don’t want to celebrate Christmas – then don’t! At Halloween I don’t buy anything w/ witches or ghouls or zombies on it… but I don’t start up with an act of Congress to get witches removed from October 31st! What happened to the diversity this nation was built upon?!

However – some of the Christmas cards I make every year will read “Happy Holidays”… as we rub elbows with people of varied beliefs… buddhist, muslim, jewish, christian, even atheist… and while “Happy Holidays” doesn’t EXCLUDE Christmas it welcomes everyone else’s beliefs in the same breath. Just don’t tell me I have to take CHRIST out of Christmas!



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