Flexibility (Nov ’05)

Dictionary.com defines “Flexibility” as “1a. Capable of being bent or flexed; pliable. 1b. Capable of being bent repeatedly without injury or damage.”

It is an innate belief of mine that remaining flexible throughout life will bring us all just a little more happiness and contentment. In our fast paced and self-absorbed world of “we do it your way”, “instant personalization”, “made when you order it” mantras it would be rather easy to get wrapped up in the thoughts of ‘if I could just tweak it THIS way then I would be happy.’ Or ‘if I could just make it THAT way then I would finally be content.’

But I think this mentality has served to accomplish the exact opposite. Expectations are then built up that we can have it exactly how we want it … and when it isn’t that simple we get all bent out of shape. Our attitude goes sour and we start taking it out on others.

Flip the coin…. if we weren’t raised in a world where “your wish is my command” then our expectations might be a bit different… a little less self-absorbed maybe?! And just MAYBE we’d be a little more willing to be OK with what was presented to us and completely grateful when someone goes out of their way for us … instead of simply EXPECTING that of others … Just a tad more appreciative, enthralled, respectful, fun to be around… you know…

Disclaimer to those who know me well: While I often move things off of “today’s to do list”… I don’t necessarily consider that “flexibility”… that’s more like “procrastination”!


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