Fallen leaves… (Nov ’05)

It’s now November… and the trees have turned colors. And they’ve started shedding their beautifully adorned branches.

Evidence is the piles of leaves along the side of the road.

Just got back to Southern California from an autumn trip to Salem, Bend and Redmond, Oregon. There’s some BREATHTAKING colors in them ther’ hills!

How lucky was I… to be walking through Drake Park in Bend one afternoon when a large gust of wind picked up a pile of leaves… they tumbled across at least 100 feet of grass… and that noise (the rustling) just warmed my heart!

Can anyone tell this is my favorite time of year?!


One thought on “Fallen leaves… (Nov ’05)

  1. Yes, this is a beautiful time of year with all the colors; the yellows, oranges, plums and everything in between, so many varying shades – just one of the reasons we love living in the Great Northwest! We sure enjoyed your visit and all the times of laughter & good talks … good times … let’s do it again soon!

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