Katrina victim now a millionaire!

I was highly disturbed this am by the following blurb in the news “Hurricane Katrina evacuee Jacquelyn Sherman won $1.6 million Tuesday playing the slots on whim.”

OK – so, great… she’s set. Good for her.

But can I ask “WHY WAS SHE PLAYING THE SLOTS?!” She’s lost everything! In fact, let me ask another question… “SINCE SHE LOST EVERYTHING, WHERE DID SHE GET THE MONEY TO PLAY THE SLOTS?!” And secondly, “WHY WASN’T SHE SAVING HER MONEY or LOOKING FOR A NEW JOB?!” Oh, I don’t know… maybe she could even set the money aside for acquiring things she’d recently lost?

Instead she’s gambling … What kind of sign of false hope is this?! Are people taking their $2,000 debit cards from FEMA and gambling w/ the free cash-ola in hopes of making something of themselves?! Or are they buying a new wardrobe so they can get a new job in their new city? Or buying necessities for their children or family? Or paying for room and board at the places that have so generously opened their doors for them?!

Apparently some feel it’s ok to gamble it away… and simply take for granted what’s been given to them in their time of devastation and need. This makes me DOWNRIGHT SICK this morning!

But who knows, maybe I’m the only one who is so disturbed by this…


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