my crazy thing for the day… (June ’05)

seems like i have something crazy happen to me almost daily… then again, maybe it’s just the way i look at the world…

today? today it happened while i was sitting at a traffic light around the corner from my office. i noticed that water was flowing rather heavily on the road i was on… taking debris with it and clogging up the gutters, etc.

i look out my passenger window to see where this water is coming from… to my surprise, water is shooting straight up out of the ground. through 3 or 4 cracks in the asphalt… spouts about 8 to 12 inches high! as i sit there waiting for my light to turn green i wonder how safe i am sitting on top of a potential sink hole. luckily my light turned to green within moments.

before even sitting down at my desk at 5:45 am today, i called the City’s Public Works Dept and reported what appeared to be a major underground leak.

now, at lunch hour… i look out the window and am sure all of the people sitting in traffic are thrilled that they are still sitting in traffic and late getting back to work from what was until now a leisurely lunch… 4 lanes of their road are completely blocked off. The City of San Diego’s Pblic Works Dept has been hard at work since 6 am today… but I got here before they did!

what will happen tomorrow?!

Superhero Lori… signing out…


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