Hairy Houdini (June ’05)

The OTHER Houdini was Harry Houdini. But Lee and I know a Hairy Houdini… aka the Mouse residing in our kitchen. Read on for a quick recap of the adventure we’ve experienced in the last 10 days. Mousey escaped capture from two mouse traps, while still scoring the lure. THEN, Mousey escaped capture from two large rat traps, while AGAIN scoring the lure. So, we then purchased the sticky traps.

The sticky traps are basically this… a piece of long cardboard w/ about 1/8 inch thick VERY sticky glue adhered to the top. In theory, the lure is put in the middle of the board and basically the creature can’t get away… “IN THEORY” being the operative words here!

BE AWARE: for those not interested in reading semi-gruesome and yet delicately worded animal tales… DO NOT READ ON!

So, Lee and I thought we were pretty smart when we taped two of these sticky traps together (making up approximately an 8 1/2 x 11″ sheet of very sticky glue). Placing the lure right in the middle REQUIRES Mousey to walk up onto the sticky stuff… therefore getting stuck. Is it real obvious that there is more to this story?!

I woke up one day this week to see that quite a battle ensued on the surface of that sticky trap. Evidence? Clumps of mouse fur stuck all over the entire surface to show that where he once was… he was no longer! Yes, you are reading this correctly… Hairy Houdini escaped once again. But there’s more…

We were even further geniuses when we placed a large rat trap right next to that Ginormous sticky trap convinced that if Mousey somehow got free from the sticky trap it would be completely disoriented and walk right up onto that trap. Well, that almost worked.

Only Hairy’s back leg got caught… AND he was still mobile… running from corner to corner of the kitchen trying to yank that rat trap into his little hideout spots… but of course his pathway was obstructed due to the size of the rat trap following closely behind.

I have to admit… I know this sounds a bit cruel. And I really wish he would just wander out the back door of his own volition – leaving our innocent kitchen alone. But when he’s stealing my wooden spoons, forcing us to feel like visitors in HIS world, and making me jump with every little noise IN MY OWN HOME… that’s when I retaliate. I want this Mouse dead!

Is there more? Of course there is! So, Lee and I were heading out for dinner two nights ago and I ran back inside to get a book to read… as I was walking into the living room I heard a large clatter coming from the kitchen. I glanced over and witnessed Mousey (ONCE AGAIN FREE OF RAT TRAP – how does he do this?!) slowly walking away from his last hiding place towards another corner of the kitchen. It appeared his back leg was broken… as he wasn’t using it (yes, it was dragging behind him).

We really are truly at a loss of how to get rid of this guy. We’ve finally purchased the poison pellets… and have placed them very close to where he is currently hiding out – knowing he probably isn’t going to be venturing very far on 3 legs…

The only thing I know for sure… is that once again, yet another house guest will NEVER be the same after staying at our house!


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