I’m not disturbed by very many things… (May ’05)

But mice? Making themselves at home in my kitchen? THAT freaks me out!

It’s been 1 hour and thirty three minutes since I discovered we had another surprise house guest. But instead of it being a dear friend, it’s mom’s revenge on every time I made fun of her for reacting the same way I just did in the kitchen!

And would you like to know how I’ve spent the last hour and a half?! Running from store to store to find the appropriate lure, trap, etc… talked to a kind man who is used to living w/ these guys (he lives out in the country and they are his biggest pets – but I think he meant more in quantity than in size)… and a poor mother of one also perusing through the variety of traps commenting on this being a popular reason to visit the store today…

My hero husband has already set up the trap and kindly offered to take it from here…

Me? Sick me has already grabbed the camera to mark this day down in history…


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