Influenza 2005 (April ’05)

What has been sustaining me in the last 72 hours? About a dozen gallons of water, two bowls of chicken broth, one tuna sandwich, two spoonfuls of wild rice, one spoonful of green beans, two bites of bacon wrapped pork tenderloin grilled to perfection… and a cup of coffee here and there.

When Lee came down w/ the flu mid-week I thought he was being overly dramatic when he said he’d rather die and that he’d NEVER felt this sick before. And STUPID me… I suggested he was being a hypochondriac…

Did I get what was coming to me?! Sure thing! Next thing I know it, I came down with the evil flu. And I knew what he meant, how he felt and why he’d rather die… I personally NEVER want to feel this way again! Why didn’t I listen to him?!

Needless to say – we’re a little glad we didn’t have any usually-welcome but uninvited guests at the front door this weekend. Face it… it wasn’t a pretty sight around our house!

What did I learn this weekend? To NEVER EVER doubt my husband again!


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