Introducing a new member of the Tisdale Family (April ’05)

For those of you hoping for Little Tisdales, keep reading… we’re simply here to introduce you to Maximillian the Mighty BBQ! (That IS what Tool Time’s Tim Taylor named his BBQ – right?!)

Lee has spent the last year saying “Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to go outside and grill something up every now and then?!” And all I could think about was messy BBQ sauce dripping off of everything… another mess to clean up! But it would give us even more opportunities to hang around outside with friends on warm evenings!

Well, on Easter Sunday we threw a “welcome-to-the-family” party for Maximillian – our new Char-Broil Commercial Series 40,000 BTU 3 burner propane grill. We commemorated the occasion with some incomparably juicy rib-eye steaks, skewered shrimp, grilled artichoke and a little funky Dave Matthews Live at Red Rock! What a sublime way to ring in the newest chapter of our lives!

See pics of the party at the link below … click on “slideshow” and it will play automatically…


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