A Story all of the Golfers will be jealous of… admit it! (Aug ’04)

My brother, just about an hour ago, experienced a once in a lifetime moment… and he just called to brag about it. I have to share it with those who would appreciate it!

My brother Loren lives close to the Hank Haney Golf Ranch in McKinney TX (just north of Dallas). On his days off he’ll go over to hit a few at the driving range, meet w/ an instructor, etc. Today he was out w/ one of the instructors hitting a few. After a few hits he heard a golf cart coming up the path behind him… but it wasn’t the quiet electric kind. It was a gas powered one… putt, putt, putt…. And he almost stopped so as not to be bothered but decided since this was instruction he’d use it as a learning moment – thinking to himself “Let’s just see how well I do w/ this type of noise in the background.” And he hit it… about 280 yards. Something to be proud of for a simple guy out to learn a bit more about golf.

Right after the cart passed, his instructor walked back towards him from the other side of the golf path and quietly muttered “The best golfer in the universe just watched you hit that!” (Stunned….) Loren says “Huh?!” His instructor says…. “Tiger just craned his neck as they drove by to watch your entire swing!” (Stunned…) Loren asks “Tiger Woods?!” Affirmative…

Loren (the entrepreneurial pilot that he is) immediately started thinking of ways he could talk Tiger into hiring him as his personal pilot – because it’s so much better to have a pilot who is also a golfer, no?!


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