Turning 30! (Sep ’03)

Events of the past twelve months in my life… events of my last year in the “twenty-something” range…

(By the way, this wasn’t written for the intent of reminding everyone about my upcoming 30th birthday … it was written out of my own personal reflections about life at this stage of my life. However, I do expect you to celebrate with me this milestone… we’re as young as we feel… aren’t we?!)

I’ve fallen in love – My photography business has been more active than ever before – I’ve travelled to different cities and states – My parents moved to Oregon – My grandparents moved to Oregon – My brother married Jody (the best thing that has ever happened to him) and he moved to Dallas – My best friend moved to Seattle – My roommate and great friend bought her own place and moved out – (Which makes me wonder, am I that tough to live with?!) – A few friends have unexpectedly lost their lives – Some have brought new little bundles of joy into the world – Some of the students from my youth staff days have gotten married and had children – Some of my photos have been published – Just like everyone else I’ve had to deal with the fears of our country being in a war w/ Iraq – I’ve refinanced my house 3 times – I’ve been intrigued by something every day – I’ve fought and lost to the weed attack in my backyard – But I have been successful in growing lavendar, wysteria, tomatoes and kept a lime tree alive back there – I’ve proven that I have somewhat of a green thumb (I’m still learning that you must water often) – I’ve tried to figure out why the state of California is having a recall and then who is the best candidate for my vote – I’ve met new people – And have had to say goodbye to old friends due to changes in life – My boyfriend and I have gone on spur of the moment road trips – We have laughed a lot together – We have both learned to trust again – I have grown – I have regressed – God has been by my side each day – I wear more dresses now – I’ve rejoiced with friends and their successes in life – I’ve reached out to others and been reached out to as well – I’ve found a new favorite mexican restaurant – I’ve put over 40,000 miles on my car – I’ve relaxed by the side of the pool – I’ve stressed myself out over renovations at my house – I’ve chipped away at the long list of movies I missed while they were in the theater – Strangers have flirted with me – I’ve gone to concerts – I’ve gone dancing – I’ve karaoked – I’ve made contact with old friends – I entertain regularly in my home – My boyfriend buys me flowers – I’ve made changes in my life – I’ve stood up for the things I need and taken care of myself more than in the past – I’ve been antsy from time to time – I’ve learned to relax more – but mostly I’ve learned to be even more content!

I’ve learned that in life there will be failures and successes. Take the failures, the hurts, the pains – and work through them. Learn from them. Ask yourself “What can I take away from this?” and then move on. Take the successes and the joys and the celebrations and enjoy them with the people in your life that matter the most. Create successes and go for it if there’s something you want to do. What would it hurt to try and be successful?

I’ve learned that it is possible to completely trust someone with the private details of your life. I’ve learned that each day can be really fun and full of surprises if you don’t attempt to control it as much. But most of all… I’ve learned that enjoying where you are in life is more fulfilling than the pursuit of happiness.


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