A tribute to Mrs. Sarann Goad…

There are a few people who leave this type of imprint on any life  … Sarann Goad was one of them for me.

August 9, 1946 –  June 19, 2001


My tribute to Mrs. Goad…

In my sophomore year at San Marcos High School Mrs. Goad became my typing teacher.  First day of class – I remember thinking “Oh wow – look at these crazy neon, motivational signs she has put up all around the room!”  What kind of teacher is this?!  Yet the thoughts below can’t even start to describe who she was to me or to the rest of her students.  But my life was so blessed to have had crossed paths with hers when it did!

In my first class with Mrs. Goad (Typewriting Skills, in 1989), I flew through the daily lessons so fast that she decided to get me working on the computer.  What an opportunity that was!  And how much fun I had leaving the rest of the class as they were clanking away on the typewriters so that I could go into the little computer lab to work on the big bad computers!  (Remember – in 1989 computers in school were still a relatively new idea!)

At that point in high school I had no idea what I wanted to do with myself.  Mrs. Goad came right into the picture and picked up on some glimmer of skill she saw in me and ran with it!  She got me involved in as many business/administration things as she could talk me into.  She stood by as I was frustrated in Accounting and wanted to give up.  She cheered me on as I prepared for my first business-related interview after being trained for it with her practical interviewing basics.

I don’t know if you’ll remember the timing of all of this – but at this time there was a highly controversial matter about holding Bible club meetings on high school campuses.  When the students currently in the Bible club heard this we were frantic as to what to do.  We would need to find a teacher who could let us “use” the classroom to meet during lunches or before or after school.  However, this teacher could not support or promote these meetings.  Mrs. Goad heard of our ordeal and opened her room for us in an instant!  She provided a haven for us when we needed it the most.  She opened her room one day a week – and often times more than that – for us to meet and talk and pray and learn about our Lord.

In my senior year, and without my knowledge, she nominated me for an award (it was really more like a “competition”) , along with other students at the school.  She had asked me to put together a resume (using the new format I had just learned about from her) and give it to her for something she had up her sleeve.  “OK.  Whatever you say, Mrs. Goad.”  This was a competition of sorts for all of the ROP division students at the school.  They took a look at all of the ROP students, assessed their skills and voted for the top student at that school.  It turned out that I was picked as the top ROP student for the class year of 1991.  At that point I was entered into a regional competition and chosen to be one of the top seven regional students in San Diego County.  I know I couldn’t have accomplished either of these honors without her faith in me!

Her drive to make her students the best they could possibly be is what inspired me to go beyond the boundaries I had set for myself!  Her faith in who I could be pushed me to be even better!  The motivational sayings on her crazy, neon signs proved true when you truly believe in yourself and strive for that top-level of performance!  Her smile and daily hug so embodied the character of Christ – and made me want to be a better Christian!  Her listening and understanding spirit said so much how she cared for others!  Her prayers and encouragement kept me going some days!

Mrs. Goad – I know you are with our Heavenly Father… and I can see your smile, and I know you’re giving out those hugs.  Can I say that I’m slightly jealous?!  You’re walking on those streets of gold, or maybe you’re sitting at Jesus’ feet asking Him those questions you always wanted answers to.  Or maybe you’re just standing in the midst of Heaven, knowing that you’re in the place you so longed to be in for such a long time!  Thank you for being who you were to me… and to all the other peoples’ lives you graced on a daily basis!  You were an amazing woman… you have left an eternal legacy! 

A woman of God, a wife, mother, teacher, mentor… thank you for all that you were!


One thought on “A tribute to Mrs. Sarann Goad…

  1. Thank you for this tribute to Sarann Goad. I was also blessed to have her as a teacher my junior year (91-92). She was a true Christian and a wonderful human being. Yes ! her hugs were so awesome and her encouragement left a mark on me as well. -Mike Evans Lehi, Utah

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