Kitchen Fire Productions

Let me paint the picture for you… it’s a spring Sunday afternoon 

My housemate Amie had invited some people over to help with her screenplay.  She made spaghetti.  However, due to her broken right arm there is a spill as she’s taking the pan off the stove.  Some of the oil from the meat falls to the catch pan under the coiled burner, unbeknownst to her.  While heating up the water to boil the pasta (on the same burner) the oil heats up and a small flame erupts.

 Meanwhile, we are in the living room chatting and laughing and going on about life – obviously clueless of the fire.  When Amie goes back into the kitchen she sees the small flame – later she tells me that her first thought is “This isn’t a gas stove”.  The flames are growing.  She gasps!

 My killer instinct kicks in… and I run into the kitchen.  My split second thoughts: “If I don’t get this fire out while it’s small it’s going to burn down my house.”  The next thought is “Why don’t I have a fire extinguisher?”  In my hand is a glass of water.  I toss the water on the flames.

At this point, ALL of our guests are now in the smoke-filled kitchen.  Dinner Guest Debbie yells “If it’s an oil fire use baking soda!!!”  But the fire was already out… Phew!  I turn off the burner and take the charred pot off with hot pads and put it in the sink.

 In the meantime, Film Guy Eddie is already taking pictures of me in action!

The fire alarms are screaming.  We’re all coughing up a storm. 

Open the windows and doors!  Where are the fans?  What are the neighbors thinking?!

Did that just happen?!  And my house is still standing?! 


As a side note:  during dinner we kicked around some ideas of the name of the production company for Housemate Amie’s screen play… my favorite suggestion was “Kitchen Fire Productions”.


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